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10 Fun Mastery Workshops For Musicians

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Why I Wrote This Book … 6
Introducing The A Blast Cycle of Awesome … 8
Workshop 1 Fun With Affirmations … 10
Workshop 2 Fun With Gratitudes … 24
Workshop 3 Fun With Dream Building … 27
Workshop 4 Fun With Building a Rig and Playlist … 29
Workshop 5 Fun With Scripts … 36
Workshop 6 Fun With Prospecting and Marketing … 44
Workshop 7 Fun With Being an Expert Advisor … 55
Workshop 8 Fun With Negotiating … 69
Workshop 9 Fun With Booking Gigs … 75
Workshop 10 Fun With Gig Prep and Execution … 85
About The Author … 108
More From this Author … 110
One Last Thing … 111



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