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10 Fun Mastery Workshops For Musicians

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Why I Wrote This Book … 6
Introducing The A Blast Cycle of Awesome … 8
Workshop 1 Fun With Affirmations … 10
Workshop 2 Fun With Gratitudes … 24
Workshop 3 Fun With Dream Building … 27
Workshop 4 Fun With Building a Rig and Playlist … 29
Workshop 5 Fun With Scripts … 36
Workshop 6 Fun With Prospecting and Marketing … 44
Workshop 7 Fun With Being an Expert Advisor … 55
Workshop 8 Fun With Negotiating … 69
Workshop 9 Fun With Booking Gigs … 75
Workshop 10 Fun With Gig Prep and Execution … 85
About The Author … 108
More From this Author … 110
One Last Thing … 111



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The Interview

The Secrets

How To Book Gigs. This book is a great resource for any musician who wants to learn how to have fun and generate revenue fast.

Discover Three Effective Ways to Stay Positive & Focused Through Journaling!

What you think about you bring about! Workshops 1, 2 and 3 are dedicated to helping you optimize thinking patterns for better living.

Learn How to be an Expert at Prospecting & Marketing

Workshops 5, 6 and 7 focus on what to say, who to say it to and how to market your talents to potential customers.

Discover How to be an Expert Fun Adviser & Create Gig Opportunities Forever!

Workshops 8, 9 and 10 cover how to negotiate, book, prep and execute a gig at an expert 5-star level.

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    What Others Are Saying


    I wrote the book for several reasons…. the first was to teach the worlds musicians how to book and perform gigs so they can have an exciting life performing gigs. The second reason is to share a leap of faith story of an unhappy musician with the desire to get out of the corporate world and do music and nothing else for a living.

    This book consists of 10 easy to learn workshops covering the essential skills needed to be a successful working musician in todays marketplace.
    Any musician who wants to learn the secrets of booking and performing gigs at the expert level.

    The A Blast Cycle of Awesome is a simple framework I created that shows musicians how to become a pro at living a harmonious life booking and performing gigs while generating revenue.

    I’ll be teaching you how to book gigs in the lucrative corporate and wedding market… there’s a lot of good times and revenue out there just waiting for you! These strategies also work for cover and original music venues.

    Not at all, the first three chapters are dedicated to positive mind-set habits and there’s plenty of business success principles in there for anyone to benefit from.

    The modern musician should know how to book gigs because the internet makes it so easy to get your name out there offering your talents!
    You’ll be capturing 30 years of knowledge, wisdom and experience with our success strategies, so you too can go forth, serve and have a blast… you’ll have all the tools to be successful!
    No. It makes a great gift! Change a musician’s life today!
    Read workshops 5 through 9, do the assignments and you’ll be ready to embark on your journey of fun and revenue right away!
    Yes, you can! Use the checklists in workshop 10 on gig prep and execution and you will not miss a beat.
    There’s a fun revolution going on and here’s an opportunity to get involved! I believe every musician deserves their fair share of the multi billion-dollar pie and this book shows you how to get it!
    Yes! We will be rolling out additional programs soon so stay tuned!
    Yes! The information will work for mobile DJs too. If you want to get great reviews from your customers, this book is for you!
    Buy the book and let’s get started on your transformation of living a harmonious life serving others! You won’t regret it!

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